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Vigorous Advocacy For Accident Victims

The legal process can be confusing and intimidating for most people. In fact, after you’ve suffered a serious auto accident or slip-and-fall, it can be one of the most daunting aspects of the recovery process. If you’ve been in a serious accident in Kentucky, there is nothing more valuable to you at this time than a team of experienced attorneys who understand your situation and can help you get the full compensation award available to you.

At Hatton & Watts Law Office, PSC, we have 20 years of combined experience helping clients just like you. Our two attorneys take pride in helping injured clients through the legal process to assist them in obtaining full and fair compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. From our Whitesburg office, we serve clients throughout the surrounding areas of Kentucky.

We know when you are injured, dealing with the confusing language of insurance policies, communication with claims adjusters and insurance company lawyers is difficult and it’s hard to know if you are receiving a fair deal. We understand the process, can help you evaluate offers and fight for the compensation you need when insurance companies push-back or deny your claim.

Have You Been Injured?

We represent clients in all types of accident claims, with a particular emphasis on:

  • Auto accidents: Our lawyers handle car wreck claims ranging from catastrophic and fatal truck, motorcycle, bus, bicycle and pedestrian accidents to simple fender benders and single-car crashes.
  • Premises liability: Most premises liability claims are called “slip-and-fall” cases. As the name suggests, they involve people slipping on water or food spills, usually in restaurants and grocery stores. But these cases can also include accidents involving unsafe staircases, elevators, swimming pools and other related hazardous areas.
  • Farm injury: We represent clients who have been injured in agricultural accidents. Farm equipment is large and dangerous. Power-takeoff injuries are common and always serious. These cases also involve tractor accidents, heavy equipment accidents and other related claims.

Whatever type of injury you have sustained, our lawyers can help you. We take a personal interest in our clients’ cases. We will take the time to listen to your situation and create a solid plan for your case. Then we will fight aggressively to maximize your claim and get you the best compensation award for your specific circumstance.

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Do not delay. If you call us right away, we can get your case started by talking to witnesses and exploring the accident site, which can be extremely helpful in getting you the most money for your claim. Call us at 606-633-4878 or contact us by email.